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Bagua Swimming Body Palms
by Wang, Shujin
Published: 2011
Publisher: Blue Snake BooksNorth Atlantic BooksP.O. Box 12327Berkeley, California 94712
ISBN: 978-1-58394-245
Abstract | Contents
Bagua Swimming Body Palms is the second book written by Wang Shujin (1904-1981), one of the world's foremost exponents of Chinese internal martial arts and a renowned expert of bagua zhang. This volume-translated into English for the first time-continues the process of bringing Master Wang's important art to Western readers. More intricate than Master Wang's Linked Palms form, Swimming Body Palms helps practitioners achieve fluent body mechanics and the ability to connect and flow from one movement to the next wih power. Master Wang, who taught Swimming Bodiy Palms to only a few advanced students, described it as "swim-walking."Bagua Swimming Body Palms offers a thorough grounding in the basics of Bagua principles and practice, illuminating the connection between the cultural meanings of the I Ching and the physical movements of bagua zhang. The photographs from the Chinese book are reprinted, along with hundreds of new photographs of co-translator Kent Howard demonstating the exercises in greater detail. Sifu Howard provides extensive commentary on Master Wang's writings, and Darius Edler-student of Master Wang's longtime assistant instructor Lai Tainzao-provides two thoughtful essays on Master Wang's single palm routines and post-standing methods. The book's engaging style, fidelity to the Chinese text, and comprehensiveness make it a welcome addition to any martial arts library."Bagua Swimming Body Palms is a rare piece of primary source material that gives us a look into the world of Chinese martial art as practiced in the early twentieth century. Wang Shujin was a fascinating individual and was well respected in the world of Chinese martial arts. This publication documents the second half of his bagua system, allowing us to get instruction in the history, theory, and step-by-step practice of this authentic, tradition. We are lucky to have this translation made available, so that more practitioners can take advantage of Wang Shujin's insightful approach to teaching and training Bagua Zhang."-Jess O'Brien, author of Nei Jia Quan" Internal Martial Arts
ContetnsAcknowledgmentsTranslator's introductionAuthor's prefaceChapter 1 The eight character secrets of bagua zhangChapter 2 An explanation of bagua zhang's nine palaces returning to oneChapter 3 An explanation of bagua zhang hand formsChapter 4 Bagua zhang single palm routinesCommentary: Single palm practice by Darius EdlerChapter 6 The thirteen prohibitionsChapter 7 Basic principlesChapter 8 Bagua swimming body palms formFirst palm form: "Black dragon tosses head"Second palm form" "Cloud dragon appears three times"Third palm form: "Falling star casts reflection"Fourth palm form: "Eagle and bear exchange glory"Fifth palm form: "Golden Peng hunts above the waves"Sixth palm for: "Wind blows the willows"Seventh palm form: "Sweep away a thousand pounds"Eighth palm form: "Green dragon shakes scales"GlossaryAbout the authors

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