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Journey-On Mastering Ukemi
by Linden, Dan
Published: 2011
Publisher: Basswood Press
ISBN: 978-1-461069270
Abstract | Contents
Daniel Linden is one of he most iconic and enigmatic Aikido masters in the world. On Mastering Aikido , his first work about aikido, introdced many new insights to Western readers. His newest novel, The Last Viking , is a multi-generational, melting-pot American story of unique and immense proportions. In Journey, Mr. Linden once again brings his profound teaching skills to the area of mastership. This time he akes on ukemi, the mysterious unheralded side of aikido, the world's most difficult martial art. This is a story of willpower, skill, and endurance with the most energetic and entertaining young travelers you will ever meet. Journey-On Mastering Ukemi is an allegorical tale that it meant for those individuals who have already learned the basics of ukemi-attack and the relentless heart. Yet beginners will find it fascinating as well, because Linden sensei brings all his storytelling skills to bear upon this amazing journey. Seasoned travelers (and those who wish to be) will find this story a riveting page-turner. This is a tale that begins with a punch in the nose and ends in a pitched battle high in the Himalaya on the backbone of the Earth. A great read for everyone.
Contents Part 1 Prologue Introduction Chapter 1 1972 Chapter 2 Present Chapter 3 Ukemi Chapter 4 Breakfalls Chapter 5 Randori Chapter 6 Patience Chapter 7 Truth time Part 2 In the wind Chapter 8 New York to Paris... Chapter 9 One step closer Chapter 10 The far side of the world Chapter 11 First light Chapter 12 Shoshin (beginner's mind) Chapter 13 The longroad Chapter 14 Into the fire Chapter 15 Atemi Chapter 16 The love you take... Chapter 17 Arrival Afterword Glossary

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