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Kahuna Religion of Hawaii
by David Kaonohiokala Bray; Douglas Low
Published: 1990
Publisher: Borderland Sciences Research Foundation
ISBN: 0-945685-05-X
Abstract | Contents
To be a kahuna, a person is taught all about the material things of life, the negative part they have to know what harmony and unity is within themselves, god, and humanity. They must live according to the secret meaning of Aloha: A, ala, watchful alertness L, lokahi, working with unity O, oiaio, truthful honesty H, haahaa, humility A, ahonui, patient perseverance Aloha to the Hawaiian of old is God in us. It means, "Come forward, be in unity and harmony with your real self, God, and mankind. Be, honest, truthful, patient, kind to all forms of life, and humble." Kahunas had to learn these things. When they learned them, they found God. They beheld nature as God created it. Beauty in nature is found in flowers, trees, and every living thing on earth, sea, air and fire. Even rocks and stones and earth have life, according to kahunaism. Kahunas saw beauty, but many of us created ugliness in our hearts and call life sin. Sin is self-made law, not God's law. This booklet tells my story of life as a kahuna, I am one of an old tradition. Many of old were greater than I am. The world is seeking truth, and for this reason I am telling these events. May the Great Power bless you. David Kaonohiolala Bray
Contents Preface-Douglas Low Introduction-The meaning of kahuna Kahuna Lapa'au, healing priest of Hawaii The kahuna son of Kamehameha Spiritual powers from Pele Sacred feathers of Ekau Sacred stone Kukapihe Kahuna training: the heavy way Hoopapa, a contest of knowledge Kuamoo's kahuna practices Princess Ruth stops the lava A kahuna passes on his powers The source of kahuna power Kaniho, Grandson of Kamehameha Preserving the old traditions The light way of Christian Kahuna A kahuna can lose his powers A kahuna with the gift of seeing Kalakaua'a twin fish ponds A kahuna becomes the agent of satan A kahuna follower of Hoku-loa Kahuna Hema names a baby A kahuna sorcerer repents his deeds A kahuna becomes a Christian A Christian puts away the kapu Possessed by a god Possession by Hiika the Younger The great gathering of kahuna Three offer themselves as sacrifice The queen refuses the sacrifices Why Queen Liliuokalani failed Aumakua better than policemen The world can learn from kahuna Part Two Kakuaokalani: The foundation of heaven Principles of the Hawaiian religion General information Element One: The origin of human destiny and the keepers of the sacred secret Element Two: Guardian spirits and the law of polarity Genealogy of the Aumakua of Hawaiian mythology Element Three: The true structure of the complete person, and the helpfulness of ritual meditation Chart of the Hawaiian system of the flow of psychic energy in the body The steps in meditation and prayer Element Four: The healing art of the kahuna Kaleoakealkua, The oracle Prayer for the sick Lapa'au or the healing art

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