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Huna: Ancient Miracle Healing Practices and the Future of Medicine
by Allen Lawrence; Lisa Lawrence
Published: 1995
Publisher: Hanover House
ISBN: 0-935016-14-7
Abstract | Contents
Huna is a revolutionary book which combines the recently discovered ancient healing system called HUNA and the sophistication and technology of modern medicine. This book describes these ancient mysteries universal to healing,, which are now being proved valid by contemporary science. As the national controversy concerning the state of health care in America today continue to draw the attention of our government and individuals, there is a counter-movement gaining attention of ever increasing proportions. This involves the acceptance of traditional thinking about methods and concepts previously classified as "alternative medicine." Many such techniques have been with us for hundreds and even thousands of years. This book explores one of the most beneficial approaches that has direct applicability today in alleviating the stress-caused symptoms and afflictions of the modern world. For over two thousand years practitioners of Huna, the ancient Polynesian/Hawaiian healing teachings, have successfully emphasized the prevention of illness before it begins. To the Huna master, the mind and spirit are equal in importance to that which we call the body. This is in stark contrast with the western medical practices which generally treats symptoms rather than providing true healing. The book explains the salient concepts of huna and points the way for readers to fully understand how Huna can be used to improve the quality of their health and to avoid illness. The Lawrences have applied this secret knowledge of life to our present surgical, drug, and other treatments , based on modern technology and chemistry-to create a totally revolutionary healing philosophy and practice integrating psychology, spirituality and modern medicine to develop the new science of psychoneuroimmunobiology. Before there were hospitals and research labs there were healers, shamans and wise men. These ancients were the scientists and doctors of the past who where able to heal in effective ways, foreign to our present institutions. This knowledge has been rediscovered and combined to offer the most comprehensive and effective approach to healing. Some highlights of this book include: New ways of strengthening the immune system Reversing chronic illness Transforming illness into wellness Stress related disorders and disease Working with a healer Body, mind, spirit and consciousness and how they interrelate to create illness or wellness The higher self and healing Medical practices today Huna and the practice of medicine Huna prayer (spirituality) and healing Now, for the first time, a leading team of M.D.'s has taken centuries old intercultural knowledge and is using this information to make astounding breakthroughs into the science and practice of treating stress related illness, injury and (chronic) disease which points the way to the future of medicine.
Contents Foreword Introduction Section I: Medicine and the modern art of treating Chapter One: The state of medical practice today The patient and illness The high cost of believing in illness Chapter Two: Medicine and its future The effect of the present system on its own members Treatment versus cure The role of the practicing physician Section II: Huna, An ancient healing art Chapter One: The art of huna medicine, ancient and new What is huna? The secret of huna Huna and the modern world Huna and religion The purpose of huna How is huna used? Chapter Two: The three selves The seven components of the individual The three selves The lower self The many characteristics of the lower self The middle self Conflict and the middle self The higher self Chapter Three: Integration of the three selves The lower self and illness The role of the middle self in illness and healing The lower self and our self-image Chapter Four: Huna and medicine working together The medical process How is illness created? Integration of the three selves What we believe can kill or enlighten us Stress Blocks, complexes and conflicts How do complexes come about? Positives and negatives The role of sin in illness What is sin? Removing sins Guilt Section III: Using huna to heal Chapter One: The role of huna in healing illness Healing energies The three energies of the body-Mana; Mana-mana; Mana-loa Breath and healing Energy and healing Getting what we want from our life Blocking our desires The three AKA bodies Using positive energy for healing How does an illusion lead to illness Chapter Two: Creating wellness through huna Healing through huna prayer Do everything you can The value of huna prayer in healing Seeds of thought Creating a huna prayer Huna prayer without a ceremony or ritual Creating a ritual as part of your huna prayer Secrets important to the performance of a huna prayer Completion of the huna prayer Chapter Three: The use of rituals, sacrifices and objects in healing Rituals Sacrifices The role of objects The rituals of the physician The examination ritual Medicine and the role of huna (and rituals) Sacred energy The magic fountain Why rituals fail Chapter Four: Creating a healthy future Bibliography

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