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Kumite the Complete Fighting Text (Uechi-ryu Karate Series)
by Arthur Rabesa
Published: 1984
Publisher: Peabody Pub Co
ISBN: 0-930-559-00-2
Abstract | Contents
Arthur Rabesa has been a student of the martial arts for more than 21 years. He is a student of George Matson, who brought Ueachiryu Karate to Amearica more than 25 years ago. Mr. Rabesa has also studied in Okinawa under Master Kanei Uechi and currently holds the rank of Godan (5th degree Black Belt) in Uechiryu System. During the period 1966-71, he was an active kumite competitior, reaching the finals in the 1967 Rhode Island Open Championships, the 1968 New England Shorinryu Championships, the 1969 Rhode Island Open Kenpo Championships and the 1970 Masschusetts Isshinryu Chammpionships. He won the 1969 Vermont Open Championships, the 1971 Connecticut Regional Championships, was the 1969 Western Connecticut Grand Champion and the 1970 Grand Champion at the U.S. Navy Seabee Championships in Davisville, Rhode Island. That year he was rated among New England's top 10 kumite competitors by the New England Karate Referee's Association (now known as KRANE). After his retirement from the competition scene in 1971, he turned his attention to teaching and coaching. Under his tutelage, Bob Bethoney and Bob Campbell dominated the New England tournament scene for several years. In 1975 he coached the team that won the Southeastern Massachusetts Championships. Arthur is still an active Uechiryu Sensei in Falmouth, Massachusetts, where he also teaches Physical Education to handicapped children in the Falmouth School system. He holds Master Degrees in Secondary School Admnstration and Physical Education, is married and has two children.
Contents Forward; I The beginning; Concentration; Foundation; Body mechanics; Conditioning; II Technique; Basic kicks and punches; Telegraph; Stance; Conditioning; III Awareness; Distancing; "Reading"; Analyze; Conditioning; IV The science; Readiness; Opponent; The angles; Conditioning; V Arrival; Ease; Advantage; Concentration; Conditioning; VI Favorite kumite techniques; Attacking techniques; Countering techniques; VII Along the way

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