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Winds of Tradition: Traditional Goju-Ryu Karate-Do
by Sumarac, James
Published: 1994
Publisher: G.K.A. Press, P.O. Box 439, Greensborough, Victoria 3088, Australia
ISBN: 0-646-21092-0
Abstract | Contents
Contents: 1 Foreword, 2 Dedication, 3 The author, 4 Acknowledgements, 5 Introduction, 6 The origins of karate, 7 History and evolution: What is Goju-kensha? 8 Karate-A spiritual dimension, 9 The dojo oath, 10 Etiquette, Basic dojo rules, Formal dojo ceremony, Bowing method, The belt grading system, Japanese ranks and titles, The uniform, 11 Meditation, 12 Kiai (karate shout), 13 Dojo terminology, Basic training terminology, Japanese counting, 14 Warming up exercises, Neck, Shoulder, Wrist, Hip, Hip and legs, Back, Knee, Ankle, 15 Stretches, Hip and legs, Leg, hip and back, 16 Fundamentals (kihon), 17 Fundamental stances (dachi), Formal stance (Musubi-dachi), Beginning stance (Heisoko-dachi), Basic training stance (Kiba-dachi), Lunging stance (Zenkutsu-dachi), Half lunging stance (Hanzenkutsu-dachi), Horse stance (Shiko-dachi), Cat stance (Neko-ashi-dachi), Hour glass stance (Sanchin-dachi), Side facing stance (Fuda-dachi), Cross over stance (Kosa-dachi), 18 Basic blocks of karate (uke), Upper block (Jodan-uke), Middle inside (Chudan-soto-uke), Middle outside (Chudan uchi-uke), Front lower (Mae-gedan barai/uke), Block practise using bamboo sticks, 19 Basic training for the development of hip power, Den Den Taikio hip training, Hip training exercises-Exercise One-Four; Exercise five (punching practice), 20 Basic strikes, Method of making a proper fist, Mechanics, 21 Focus punching, Focus punching exercise, 8-Movements with a punch, Supplementary practise, 22 Basic kicks, Front kick, Use of pads, Half lunging stance, Knee kick, Groin kick, 23 Basic movement exercises (tenshin), Exercise One-Three, Points to remember, Tenshin-ho drill, Tenshin-ho with a partner drill, Tenshin-O-Jyu drill, 24 Breakfalls and rolls (ukemi), Ukemi, Side breakfall, Back breakfall, Front breakfall, Breakfalling exercise, Rolling, Front roll, Back roll, 25 Appendix, Goju-Kensha song, More photos, About the author

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