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Wisdom from the Ninja Village of the Cold Moon
by Stephen K. Hayes
Published: 1984
Publisher: Contemporary Books
ISBN: 0-8092-5383-6
Abstract | Contents
from cover From the apple cider autumn and college football world of his childhood home in midwestern Ohio, Stephen K. Hayes began a life odyssey that took him all the way around the world to the haunting, fog-enshrouded peaks and pine forests of the remote Iga region of south central Japan. Seeking the timeless secrets that would afford him mastery of his own life's progress and provide guidance for creating a harmonious world around him, he became an apprentice of Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi, the thirty-fourth generation grandmaster of the Togakure family tradition of ninjutsu, the nine-hundred-year-old art of the ninja shadow warriors of Japan. Trained in the occult methods of silent movement and subtle combat techniques for self-protection, ways of altering his viewpoint to grasp a greater scope of reality, and the self-knowledge that would allow him to fit into the scheme of totality, Stephen K. Hayes became the first westerner in the history of the Togakure ninja clan to be awarded the title of Shidoshi, or "teacher of the warrior ways of enlightenment." The author's original verses and photography in Wisdom from the Ninja Village of the Cold Moon provide an intriguing look into the motivation, philosophy, and understanding of the feudal Japanese practitioners of the mystical art known as ninjutsu. Based on the cryptic maki-mono scrolls of history and secrets possessed by every ninja family and expanded generation by generation with newly discovered truths revealed by evolving society, this book offers timely guidance for approaching self-awareness and the comforting realization that the seemingly confusing events of daily life are but mere reflections of the all-pervading order of the universe. The warrior of today may no longer garb himself in chain link armor or carry the short sword of his ancestors, but his heart must yet be a source of light, and he must yet learn how to steel his intention toward the attainment of that which must be. His method for accomplishment in the contemporary realms of commerce, service, education, and personal relationships today is the timeless Art of Winning, the essence of the wisdom from the ninja Village of the Cold Moon.
Contents Acknowledgment Introduction-Origins of the Wisdom Heritage of the Ninja The Art of Invisibility Tools of Your Intentions Riding the Cycles of Nature Love Viewing Reality Unfolding the Elements Harmony with the Cosmos Close of Life Admonitions of the Knowing

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