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Illustrations of Tai Chi Chuan Simplified
by Chong, Y. W.
Published: 1988
Publisher: Wan Li Book Co., Ltd. 1/F 499 King's Road North Point Hong Kong
ISBN: 962-14-0228
Abstract | Contents
Contents Introduction Illustrations of tai chi chuan simplified Group 1 Starting posture Wild horse parts its mane White crane spreads out its wing Group 2 Brushing the knees and taking zigzag steps Playing the lute Back-rolling the forearms (or called "stepping back and driving the monkey away") Group 3 Grasping the bird's tail, left mode Grasping the bird's tail, right mode Group 4 Holding a single whip Waving hands like clouds drifting by Holding a single whip Group 5 Patting the horse on the back Kicking straight, right mode Striking the opponent's ears with both fists Kicking straight, left mode Group 6 Stooping down and then standing on one leg, left mode Stooping down and then standing on one leg, right mode Group 7 Shuttling between left and right (fair lady works at shuttles) Looking for a needle at the sea bottom Shunting with both hands fanned Group 8 Deflecting downward, parrying and punching Acting to close a door Crossing the hands Concluding posture The order diagram of simplified tai chi chuan The knacks in the exercises of tai chi chuan The information concerning the exercises The effects of tai chi chuan on physical functions

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