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Power of Chi
by G. Pike
Published: 1981
Publisher: Outlet
ISBN: 0-517-34795-4
Abstract | Contents
For most of us, breathing is an effortless, automatic process that we take for granted. The premise of Chi, however, is that our general health andphyusical well-being are directly linked to our capacity to berathe properly. The "ability to control the process of breathing, to distribute oxygen to all parts of the body, to concentrate and release this power supply at will, is what the Chinese Masters call Chi." Chi is an ancient practice developed with grat patience over the centuris. The author relates how he discovered chi and how it affected his ife. After practicing chi through a period of physical sickness, pain, and emomtionaldistress, Mr. Pike became fit and healthy adn attinged a new ouitlook and renewed vitalitiy. The author gives yo some simple tesats to determine what phyical and emotional conditionyou are in. Along with his facinating personal story, Mr. Pike gives a history of chi and tells wht is involved in its practice. A chapter of preparation for the exercises themselves shows yo th e corect stances and how to warm up. The Eight Precious Sets of Exercises (Pa Tuan Tsin) are clearly described and illustrated. ONe does not have to be a gymnast to executge them. They consist of squatting, stretching, rotating limbs, bending, and pressing while simultaneously deeply inhaling and exhaling. They can be practiced for a short period of time each day, in place of, or as well as, any exercise rouitine yoiu inow have. Mr. Pike's story and his clear, simple instructions wil inspire you to "start breating for your life and love." "At last we have a book on the vital but little known subject for health. In a liftetime of stydying chinese medicine and its place in the martial arts and our everyday lives, I have come across many books on the subject, Geoff Pike's The Power of Chi is by far the most authoritative and interesting I have yet read. It combines the elements of both the text book and the novel: the author's personal quest for health and longevity is presented along with an accurate and clear explanation of the ancient breathing exercises which can be of benefit to every one of us."-Dean Rainer, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Master of Kung Fu "Eminent scientists have suggested that there are four basic criteria for the achievement of helath and longevity: correct diet, moderation in drinking, no smoking, satisfactioninwork and the avoidance of stress. Having read The Power of Chi, I am led to propose yet another criterion: correct and deep breating. The author of this outstanding book has presented on a comprehensive and clear manner a collection of deep breathing exercises which are vital to good health, longevity and personal well-being. I am convinced that people in all walks of life will be healthier and happier if they adopt the exersises set forth in The Power of Chi."-Sir George Halliday, F.R.A.C.S.
Contents Introduction Before we begin What is chi? Part one: facing the condition you are in The hill Some simple tests Part two: there is no success without health Enter Mr. Wu The brotherhood The oath The first month Facts and fantasies Part three: secrets of Shaolin The many moons of wu shu Great masters of chi Part four: the gift of breath and how to use it The meaning of chi Eating, drinking, smoking and chi The time and place Part five: the preparation The stances The warm-up exercises Part six: Pa Tuan Tsin Part seven: extra exercises Part eight: meditation and chi Part nine: the power of chi

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