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Bruce Tegner's Complete Book of Jujitsu-Step by Step Instructions
by Tegner, Bruce
Published: 1982
Publisher: Thor Publishing Co. Ventura CA 93001
Abstract | Contents
This is one of the most complete collection of jujitsu katas ever presented in one volume. From among the hundreds of styles of jujitsu practiced in Japan during the past century, Bruce Tegner has selected and adapted routines which are appropriate for developing and maintaining physical fitness, flexibility and agility. The katas are excellent for self-improvements and self-expression through body awareness and body movement. Martial arts enthusiasts, physical education teachers and librarians will find valuable instructional and reference material in this book. Bruce Tegner is a specialist in sport and self-defense forms of the martial arts. He is regarded as one of the world's outstanding authorities and innovators in the subject field. He was born in Chicago, Ilinois in 1929. Both his parents were professional teachers of judo and jujitsu, and they began his formal instruction when he was two years old! In a field where most individuals study only one specialty, Bruce Tegner's background is unusual. His education covered many aspects of weaponless fighting as well as sword and stick techniques. At the age of twenty-one, after he had become California state judo champion, he gave up competition to devote himself completely to research, writing and teacher-training. In the U.S. armed forces, Mr. Tegner trained instructors to teach unarmed combat, he taught miltary police tactics and he coached sport judo teams. He has trained actors and devised fight scenes for films and television. From 1952 to 1967 he operated his own school in Hollywood, California where he taught men, women and children, exceptionally gifted students and blind and disabled persons. He has devised many special courses, among them self-defense courses taught in physical education classes. Bruce Tegner has many books in print in his subject field; they range from basic, practical self-defense to exotic forms of fighting for experts and enthusiasts. They are used in private and public schools in recreation centers, by law enforcement agencies and by individuals throughout the world. Editions of Tegner titles have been published in French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Dutch.
First edition October 1977, second printing August 1978, third printing May 1982. Bruce Tegner's Complete Book of Jujitsu-Step by Step Instructions 0-87407-027-9 Contents 1 Introduction The martial arts Jujitsu and judo Comparing fighting systems Comparison chart Wazas and katas Jujitsu and practical self-defense Colored belt ranks 2 Holds and locks Outward wrist lock Inward wrist lock Hand lock Hand lock with arm brace Over-shoulder lock Thumb hold Arm bar and variations Arm bar/elbow lock with leg pressure and wrist twist Straight-down arm lock Cross-body hand and arm hold Hand lock with jaw thrust Hand and arm twist Upper arm lock Bent-arm lever lock Hand and arm hold with head pressure Straight-arm lock Under arm pin Elbow, wrist and shoulder lock Bent-arm hold and bar Straight restraining hold Bent-arm restraining hold Bent-arm restraining hold with wrist lock Front bent-arm lock Elbow lever Wrist and elbow lock Reverse wrist and elbow lock Pivot and arm-twist lock Bent-arm lever with pivot Between-leg arm lock One-arm choke Crossed-arm choke Choke hold with headlock Choke hold with knuckle pressure Choke hold with arm pressure Cross-body hand and arm lever Bent-wrist and elbow lock Straight-up arm lock Pivot and wrist-twist lock Wheeling hand and arm lever Ankle twist, ankle lock, leg lock 3 Hand and foot blows Hand blows Foot blows 4 Trips and throws Under-jaw trust with leg block Arm lever and backward trip Kickback throw Arm-twist takedown Straight-leg throw Pulling-down straight-leg throw Back sweeping-foot throw Hip throw Pulling-down throw Pulling-down hand throw Body-squeeze throw Reverse hip throw Upside-down throw Leg takedown Ankle throw Leg lever takedown 5 Katas Arm bar kata Straight-down arm lock kata Escape/inward wrist lock katas Wrist-grip escape and hand lock kata Bent-arm hold and bar kata Outward wrist lock kata Inward wrist lock kata Leg lock kata Leg takedown kata Hand and arm lever kata Hand and arm hold with head pressure kata Under arm pin kata Hand lock/over-shoulder lock kata Wheeling hand and arm lever kata Arm lever and backward trip kata Straight-arm lock kata Head and arm twist kata Hand lock with arm brace kata Hand lock kata Elbow, wrist and shoulder lock kata Upper arm lockkata Straight-up arm lock kata Choke hold with arm pressure kata Wrist and elbow lock kata Pivot and wrist-twist lock kata Escape/outward wrist lock kata Bent-arm lever with pivot kata Escape/bent-arm lever with pivot kata Escape/straight-up arm lock kata Bent-arm lever lock kata Pivot and arm twist kata Straight-arm restraining hold kata Choke hold with knuckle pressure kata Front bent-arm lock kata Bent-arm restraining hold kata Escape/straight-arm restraining hold kata Escape/bent-arm restraining hold-wrist lock kata Between-leg arm lock kata Body-squeeze throw kata Reverse hip throw kata 6 Kneeling and sword katas Front reach kata Hair-grab kata Back choke kata Fist attack kata Front dagger attack kata Overhead dagger attack kata Standing sword attack kata Bibliography Index

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