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The Secrets of Phoenix-Eye Fist Kung-Fu-the Art of Chuka Shaolin
by Cheong, Cheng Leong and Mark V. Wiley
Published: 2000
Publisher: Tuttle Publishing; Boston Rutland, Vermont Tokyo
ISBN: 0-8048-3178-5
Abstract | Contents
The Secrets of Phoenix-Eye Fist Kung-Fu depicts an enormously potent art, also known as Chuka Shaolin, that does not depend on strength or size. Instead, it utilizes a special striking techniqe, the phoenix-eye fist, aimed at vital ponts on the ooppnent's body. Phoenix-Eye Fist Kung-Fu excels at close-range fighting-an area neglected in many other martial arts-and employs a variety of lightning-fast strikes and kicks. Due to its deadly efficacy, there is no sparring in Chuka Shaolin, but instead complex two-person practice forms are employed-both for empty-handed fighting and for fighting with weapons-in which the practitioners fight all-out, and are protected only by a precise knowledge of the form.; ; With hundreds of clear photographs, The Secrets of Phoenix-Eye Fist Kung-Fu reveals:; ; The fundamental techniqes of the empty-handed art.; A complete breakdown of the two-person empty-hand practice forms. Detailed instruction in Chuka Shaolin pole fighting, including the practice forms.; An overview of the other weapons used in Chuka Shaolin, including the sai, the twn knives, the spear, and the farmer's hoe.; Special forms of Chi Kung designed to increase striking power, increase vitality, and aid in resisting and healing injuries.; ; Cheong Cheng Leong, widely recognized as one of the greatest martial artists in Asia, is the grandmaster of The Secrets of Phoenix-Eye Fist Kung-Fu. He is the co-author with the late Donn F. Draeger, of Phoenix-Eye Fist: A Shaolin Fighting Art of South China. Cheong Cheng Leong has taught in Venezuela, England, and Malaysia, where he currently lives.; ; Mark V. Wiley is the co-author of Qigong for Health and Well-Being and author of Filipino Martial Culture and the Secrets of Cabales Serrada Escrima, all published by Tuttle. He has written for numerous martial arts magazines, including Inside Kung-Fu. Mark Wiley lives in Towson, Maryland.
Contents; ; Preface; Intorduction; Part One Chuka Shaolin in perspective; Chapter 1 Historical perspective; A nun and two sisters; Ooh Ping Kwang; Lee Siong Pheow; Cheong Cheng Leong; Chuka Shaolin today; Chapter 2 Overview of Chuka Shaolin; Progressions in training; Applying the art; Principle 1 No unrealistic techniques; Principle 2 Always hit first; Principle 3 Fight at close range; Principle 4 Move to blind side; Part Two The empty-hand art; Chapter 3 Fundamental techniques; Stances and postures-Horse-riding stance; Hanging-horse stance; The salutations; The ready position; Hand and foot maneuvers-Phoenix-eye fist strike; Double/single-palm blocks; Lightning kick; Double dragon two-finger strike; Upper-palm; Middle-palm block; Thrust-penetrate-tear hand; Upper-wrist block; High and middle-wrist block; Double Phoenix-eye fist strike; Low block; Chapter 4 Two-person fighting form; Purpose of the two-person forms; Breakdown of the form-Part One, Two, Three, Four and Five; Chapter 5 Conditioning and strength exercises; Conditioning exercises-Post-striking exercise; Wrist-banging exercise; Strength exercises-Pushing exercise; Isometric strength exercise; Pulling exercise; Part Three The weapon art; Chapter 6 Overview of Chuka Shaolin weapons; The pole: Chuka Shaolin's primary weapon; Secondary weapons-Long spear; Iron rulers; Twin knives; Farmer's hoe; Chapter 7 The six-and-a-half-point pole form; Holding and maneuvering the pole-Proper grip; Center thrust; Butt-end thrust; Circling maneuvers; Breakdown of the form-Part 1 Salutation and ready position; Part 2 Core movements of the form; Part 3 Closing; Chapter 8 Application of Chuka weapons; Pole vs. pole: Technique 1, 2, and 3; Iron rulers vs. long spear; Twin knives vs. long spear; Farmer's hoe vs. long spear; Part Four The healing art; Chapter 9 On chi kung practice; Types of chi kung; Chi kung exercises of Chuka Shaolin; Chapter 10 On injury healing; The Chuka healing art; Afterword; Appendix A Lineage of Chuka Shaolin; Appendix B The forms of Chuka Shaolin; Appendix C Glossary of Chuka Shaolin terms

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