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Combat Aikido
by Lawson, Donald
Published: 2008
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 1438214073
Abstract | Contents
An instructional manual covering the martial applicatin of practical aikido as an effective unarmed self-defense system.; ; Images from internet including Oscar Ratti.; ; Combat aikido is term used to describe a hybrid of traditional aikido which breaks the art form down to its martial roots. It disregards some of the philosophy and many of the less effective techniques of traditional aikido, concentrating instead on only on the marital application of the art form.; ; Combat aikido is a training manual for anyone seeking to learn a realistic form of the marital art of aikido. Combat aikido techniques are only those which will work in real fights where there are no rules and losing is not an option. Combat aikido explains only practical aikido techniques in an in depth and easy to learn and easy to understand format. This book is written and designed to be use by those with no prior martial arts training. Its down to earth, practical application of the art of aikido will benefit those with years of formalized training as well.; ; I have taken Aikido for about five years and after reading this book, I have a new insight into the techniques. Although I have been studying Aikido for a while, anyone will benefit from these techniques. What the book does is take Aikido techniques and simplify them. Instead of a lot of pictures, there are detailed descriptions on how to make technqiues work in a myriad of situations. I highly recommend this book to ANY martial artist. No matter what your style or skill level, you will learn something.-Steve Rodriguez; ; Worth the price. This book has no pictures in it. It is all text. It has great chapters on Aikido and fighting concpets. The Aikido techniques it describes in detail are practical and applicable to real fights, not just in the dojo. I highly recommend this book to any Aikido fans and to other martial artists who are looking to expand their combat skills.-Eric Mancini; ; Firstly, this is not a book for a complete beginner, although 5th kyu should understand it. There are no pictures and some of the descriptions would be cryptic without some time in the dojo. A better begginer book is Aikido and the Dynamic Sphere: An Illustrated Introduction. ; ; I enjoyed "Combat Aikido". Although it is very short, I've read some sections very many times. Not because they are unclear, but because I understand a little more each time. Most of all, it is yet another perspective. None of my other Aikido books share this perspective (although I train with people that do). We repeat these techniques thousands of times (never getting them right) because the nuances matter. This book helps explain some nuances as well as the punishing hows, whys, and whats of some of our techniques. There is also discussion of some of the things that we do that the author finds unrealistic.-Tyler Forge
Contents; ; Introduction to combat aikido; Combat aikido concepts; Combat aikido footwork drills; Combat aikido falls; Pillars of combat aikido; Entering throw; Entering throw (reverse entry throw); Enterhing throw (head toss); Entering throw (dynamic entering throw); Running the mark; Outwards wrist throw; Figure four throw; Head and arm twist; "Z" lock; Arm control; Arm twist; Four directions throw; Under arm twist; Straight arm throw; Combat aikido ground fighting; Training in combat aikido; Employing combat aikido

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