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Modern Arnis-Philippine Martial Art "Stick Fighting"
by Presas, Remy Amador
Published: 2000
Publisher: National Book Store; Quad Alpha Centrum Building; 125 Pioneer St.; Mandaluyong City
ISBN: 9-7108-6041-0
Abstract | Contents
Contents; ; Preface; Historical backgroiund; 1 Basic concepts; Essential principles; Equipment used in arnis; The grip; Courtesy; cardinal rules in arnis; 12 vital striking points and their respective parts; 2 Calisthenics-Limbering exercises; Body-loosening; Neck-twisting; Arm-sretching; Leg lifting; Sied-stretching; Bending; Trunk twisting; Trunk-stretching; 3 Muscle strengthening exercises; Push-up exercises; Rabbit-hopping exercises; Arm twisting with club or cane; Other forms of calisthenics; 4 Stances; Attention sance; Open-leg stance; Straddle-leg stance; Frowerd sstance; Back stance; Oblique forward stance; 5 Body shifting; Stepping-in from forward stance; Stepping-in obliquely to the left or right; Stepping-back from forward stance; 6 Posture; Front facing; Half-front facing; Side-facing; 7 The 12 striking techniques; Left temple attack; Right temple attack; Left shoulder attack; Right shoulder attack; Thrust to teh stomcach; Left chest attack; Right chest attack; Right knee attack; Left knee attack; Left eye attack; Right eye attack; Crown attack; 8 Blocking techniques; Inward block; Outward block; Rising block; Downward-inward block; Downward-outward block; Vertical block; Inward-force-to-force block; Outward-force-to-force block; Inward-go-with-the-force block; Outward-go-with-the-force block; 9 Blocking techniques coordinated with counter attack; Against 12 striking techniques; 10 Parry; Catching as calisthenics; Application of hand releasing technique; Technique No. 1-4; 11 Self-defense technique; 12 Outbalancing and grabbing; Left-side puling; Pushng backward; Right-side pulling; Elbow strike and scooping throw; Rising block and left hand pushing; 13 Disarming with bare hand; 14 Attacker with cane; Blocking with outside block; Cover the distance throw; Blocking swing snatching; Rolling bicep pressuring elbow; Blocking and shoulder disarming; Blocking with a hook throw; 15 Attacker with long pole; Attack at right side of the body; Attack at left side of the body; 16 Attacker with knife or dagger; Wrist twisting; Wrist twisting and folding; Downward pushing; 17 Attacker with bolo or long bladed weapon; Right side lock and lower jaw press; Cross-hand standing arm crush; Cross-hand breast and elbow pushing; Shoulder lock; Cross-hand circle snatching; Cross-hand press, downward pushing; Go with the force; Backward armpit; Inside parry with a right knee blow; Inside parry with a hook throw; 18 Attacker with pistol; Defense against pistol threat; For a pistol still pointed in front; For a pistol pointed at the back; Pistol disarming technique; 19 Disarming with cane (armed attacker); Upward twisting; Insideward twisting; Elbow twisting; "x" block; Snake circle; Outside armpit lock; Two-hand block; One-hand circle; Wrist strikeDownward push; Rearward backhand; Jab or straight punch; Cane strike and armpit lock; 20 Truncheon releasing techniques; Forearm release (left or right); Forearm-downward push; Right or left hand hold (downward release); Two-hand hold (right or left twist); 21 Anyo or form 1-4; 22 Sinawi--Single; Double; 23 Sparring-basic and free-style sparring; 24 Throwing technique; Outside block with a shoulder throw; Inward block with a foot throw; 25 Ground fighting; Frontal foot hook; Sideward foot hook; 26 Other forms of arnis fighting; Figure 8; Rompida; Abanikko; Banda y banda; Up and down; Redonda or "x" movement; 27 Tournament rules in arnis; 28 Classification of arnis players according to rank; 29 The man behind modern arnis

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