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Who's Who in the Martial Arts and Directory of Black Belts
by Wall, Bob
Published: 1975
Publisher: R.A. Wall Investments, Inc.; 9465 Wilshire, B.vd. S. 525; Beverly Hills, California 90212
Abstract | Contents
"Bob Wall has done it again, a man of many firsts, he has now authored the first "Who's Who in the Martial Arts," a book that will give many of the leaders in the Martial arts the recognition that is due them. The Who's Who in the Martial Arts is long awaited, and thanks to Bob Wall, it has finally arrived.-Chuck Norris, World Professional Middle-wt. Karate Champion (Retired); ; This book is a tribute to, but a few of the many within our fraternity who in theri own humble way exemplify an incessant endeavor to excell. In addition this book is an indispensible desk reference to locating thowe persons and the more credible places to practice.-Hayward Nishioka, U.S. Judo Champion; ; "A landmark book for the Martial Artists and their accomplishments, known and some previosuly unkkniwn, and at last a directory of schools."-Jerry Smith Porfessional Karate Trainer; ; This book is a great accomplishment for all Martial artists, and there couldn't have been a better authority to write it than Bob Wall.-Jhoon Rhee, Jhoon Rhe Institute of Tae Kwon Do, Originator of Safety equipment; ; A proper Who's Who in the Martial Arts is long overdue. The reason, undoubtedly, is that there have been few men with the ability, dedication and knowledge to produce one. Bob Wall has the necessary qualifications, and I believe this book, along with future revised editions, will be a must for the llibrary of anyone interested in the Martial Arts.-Al Weiss, Editor-Official Karate Magazine; ; "This is the first and only book that puts all of the people who really developed the Martial arts in the U.S., with all the facts to back it up.-Jeff Smith, World Professional Light-Heavy-wt. Karate Champion
Contents; ; About the author; Dictionary of terms; Who's who in the martial arts; Caylor Adkins; Gary Alexander; Sam Allred; Joe Alvarado; Mike Anderson; Steve Armstrong; Bob Barrow; Py Bateman; Ralph Bomba; Jim Bregman; Emilio Bruno; Martin Buell; Pat Burleson; Jim Butin; Ben Campbell; Sid Campbell; Al Gene Caraulia; Roger Carpenter; S. Henry Cho; Richard Chun; George Cofield; Francisco Conde; Joe Corley; Al Dacascos; Ed Daniels; Jim Demile; Fumio Demura; Mike DePasquale; Dick Douglas; Adriano D. Emperado; Emil Farkas; Leo T. Fong; Mike Foster; Ken Funakoshi; Dr. Maung Gyi; Robert Halliburton; Fred Hamilton; Bong Soo Han; Jim Harkins; Janet Walgren Harrison; Carson Hurley; Jack Hwang; Dan Inosanto; Dan Ivan; Lynn Jackson; Wally Jay; Pat Johnson; Dr. A. Jose Jones; Jimmie Jones; Soloman Kaihewalu Sr.; Glenn Keeney; Jim Kelly; Ki Whang Kim; Richard Kim; He-Young Kimm; Ken Knudson; Bucksam Kong; Chuzo Kotaka; Takayuki Kubota; Johnny Kuhl; Roy Kurban; Steve LaBounty; Thomas LaPuppet; Gene LeBell; Bruce Lee; ERic Le; Joe Lewis; Chuck Loven; Ron Marchini; Bill McDonald; Chuck Merriman; Takayuki Mikami; Jenice Miller; Jim Miller; Ken (Kyung Ho) MIn; Carolyn Yvonne Minshew; George Minshew; Toyotaro Miyazaki; David Moon; Vikki E. Morrow; Skipper Mullins; John Natividad; Barbara Niggel; Hayward Nishioka; Chuck Norris; Hidy Ochiai; Tsutomu Ohshima; Shag Okada; John M. Osako; Ed Parker; Bill Paul; George Pesare; Jerry Piddington; Diane Pierce; Philip Porter; Moses Powell; David Praim; Jhoon Rhee; Jim Roberts Sr.; Mikie Rowe; Frank Ruiz; Bill Ryusaki; Steve Sanders; Tom Schilesinger; Parker Shelton; Bob Shipley; Pauline Short; Jeff Smith; Jerry Smith; Steve Stavroff; Allen Steen; Alex Sternberg; Mike Stone; Bruce Terrill; Robert Trias; Tonny Tulleners; Arnold Urquidez; Bill Wallace; Pam Watson; Al Weiss; Jay T. Will; Curtis Wong; John Worley; Pat Worley; Fred Wren; Gosei Yamaguchi; Tadashi Yamashita; Bob Yarnall; Byong Yong Yu

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