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The Way And The Power: Secrets Of Japanese Strategy
by Frederick J. Lovret
Published: 1987
Publisher: Paladin Press
ISBN: 0-87364-409-3
Abstract | Contents
from cover Charging into battle, your only objective is to win! Strategies for victory have been studied for thousands of years, but not until the advent of the Japanese samurai did strategy become an exact science. The Way and the Power reveals the two sides of Japanese strategy, detailing many aspects of this science, including in-yo, michi, ki aiki, maai, hyoshi, minari, and sutemi, and their use in battle and in the world of business. An expert instructor of kenjutsu and aikijutsu, Fredrick Lovret also includes a pronunciation guide for the many Japanese terms used in the text, and an analysis of famous Western battles and their Oriental strategic analogies. Learn the strategies that have worked best for generations of winners. Whether entering battle against a military foe, a business competitor, or a kenjutsu master, be prepared for success.
Contents Introduction-The Samurai; The Dojo; The Ryu; The Way and the Power Book I: The Way Chapter One-In-Yo: Positive and negative Chapter Two-Michi: The Way Heiho no Michi Chapter Three-Ki: The Life Force Zazen; Mushin; Ki no Natashi; Kime Chapter Four-Kokyu Chikara: Breath Power Kokyu Dosa Chapter Five-Kiai: Intense Ki Zanshin Chapter Six-Aiki: Dominating Spirit Chapter Seven-Kokoro: Mental Attitude Shibumi; Haragei Book II: The Power Chapter Eight-Maai: Distancing Nobashi No Heiho; Tokoshi No Heiho; Shikkotai No Heiho; Nebari No Heiho; Fkukurami No Heiho; Shukotai No Heiho Chapter Nine-Hyoshi: Timing Han'on No Heiho; Katsuri No Heiho; Hitotsu No Tachi No Heiho Chapter Ten-Sudori: Passing Sudori No Heiho; Skuigetsu No Heiho; Irimi No Heiho; Hito E Mi No Heiho; Happo Biraki No Heiho; Engetsu No Heiho Chapter Eleven- Chushin: Centering Chushin Dori No Heiho; Harai No Heiho; Kijiki No Heiho; Momiji No Heiho; Suriaage No Heiho Chapter Twelve-Minari: Appearing Minari No Heiho; Obiyakashi No Heiho; Utsurakashi No Heiho; Ryote No Heiho; Kochiku No Heiho Chapter Thirteen-Sente: Initiating Ichi No Hyoshi No Heiho; Munenmuso No Heiho; Sekka No Heiho Chapter Fourteen-Kawari: Changing Sankaikawari No Heiho; Ryucho No Heiho; Magiri No Heihio; Hanashi No Heiho; Henka No Heiho Chapter Fifteen-Kage: Concealing Getsukage No Heiho; Tachifumi No Heiho; Kageugokashi No Heiho; Kageosae No Heiho; Shinkage No Heiho; Metsuke No Heiho Chapter Sixteen-Ojite: Responding Nitobun No Heiho; Nagashi No Heiho; Zentai No Heiho; Menzuki No Heiho; Kado No Heiho; Kokorozuki No Heiho Chapter Seventeen-Osae: Controlling Makura Osae No Heiho; Kuzushi No Heiho; Shosotsu No Heiho; Hishigi No Heiho Chapter Eighteen-Sutemi: Sacrificing Sutemi No Heihioi; Aiuchi No Heiho Chapter Nineteen-Keikaku: Planning Daisho No Heiho; Tateki No Heiho; Shidai No Heiho; Kaimon No Heiho Conclusion Appendix A-Prounciation Guide Appendix B-Future Study Appendix C-Famous Battles Appendix D-Glossary

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