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Chi for Children-A Practical Guide to Teaching Tai Chi and Qigong in Schools and the Community
by Sutherland, Betty
Published: 2011
Publisher: Singing Dragon116 Pentonville RoadLondon, N1 9JB, UK
ISBN: 978-1-84819-055
Abstract | Contents
As well as the health and physical benefits to all the young people, what has been most encouraging is the impact the initiative has had within the whole school. Schools have been using Tai Chi as a means of stress relief for pupils (and staff) prior to exams, as a means of calming children down after lunchtimes, as a way of focusing children in the mornings to start the day…the program has been a huge success.'- Andy Clay, Partnership Development Manager, Barlby School Sport Partnership, UK'[Chi for Children] has been enthusiastically received by staff, parents and children and is now an established part of the PE curriculum. As a result of Tai Chi sessions, it is noticeable that the children are calmer and more focused. They also find it fun!'- E. Brown, Head Teacher, Fairburn Community Primary School, UKLearning the Chinese arts of Tai Chi and Qigong is a great way for children to relax, have fun, and strengthen body and mind. This easy-to-use teacher training pack provides step-by-step instructions and simple techniques that enable anyone to teach Tai Chi and Qigong to children.This interactive book and DVD set contains four tutorials that guide teachers through basic, intermediate and advanced exercises, as well as offering breathing and relaxation techniques to help create calm classrooms and beat exam stress. Proven to increase concentration levels, fitness and confidence, introducing children to Tai Chi and Qigong gives them the ideal foundation for a life of physical and mental well-being.This exciting training programme will be an indispensible resource for anyone looking for a fresh and engaging way to improve children's focus, health and happiness, and will be a welcome addition to any classroom, gym class or youth group.Betty Sutherland is the founder and director of UK Tai Chi and Chi for Children, a leading provider of Tai Chi based initiatives in schools across the UK. She has studied Tai Chi Chuan since 1994 and is a senior instructor at the Five Winds School of Tai Chi Chuan. She is also a member and listed as an ‘A' grade instructor with the Tai Chi Union for Great Britain and a member of the British Council for Chinese Martial Arts. Betty is originally from Scotland but now resides in Yorkshire, UK.
ContentsAcknowledgmentsAbout the authorMy journey continuesTeaching childrenAbout chi for childrenHow to use this resource1 IntroductionThe programmeWhatis tai chi?-What is chi?Meditation and mindfulness-Meditation and mindfulness in practice; The zoneYin and yangDiscipline-E-bayRespect-gung fuFun, fun, fun2 Getting startedBreathing-Nasal breathingChi-How to feel your chi; Shake off negativityChi brushing-Chi brushing yourself; Chi brushing with a partnerFlexibiity-Figure of eight on its side; Turn body and flop armsTutorial 1 Chi for children: The basicsSequence of trainingFive element qigong exercises-Stances; Sounds; Fire qigong; Earth qigong; Metal qigong; Water qigong; Wood qigong; Mangaging the mind; Building the bridgeTai chi form: Postures-Counting; Playing with the dragon in the clouds; Snake creeps down; Golden cockerel stands on one legClosing and some fun-Polishing palmsTutorial 2 Chi for children: Centering and balancingSequence of trainingAbout this programmeMore about qigongQigoing exercises-Slowing an excited heart with qigong breathing; Holding up the sky with the arms; Yin/yang hands; Planting the feet on the ground; Pulling the bow to shoot the arrowTai chi forms: Postures-Step back and push the monkey; Holding the golden plate; Spreading the wings (or close form)Tutorial 3 Chi for children: opening the formSequence of trainngAbout this programme-Refinement; Coordinate movement; Coordinate mind and bodyTai chi form: Postures-Opening the form-inflating the chi ball; Ward off-holding the chi ball; Grasp the bird's tail; Single whip-forming a bird's beak; Closing the formTutorial 4 Chi for children: Stress survivalSequence of trainingAbout this programmeAnxiety-What are the signs?Discipline-E-bay-Calling your students to orderBreathing-Nasal breathingManaging the mindShake off negativityChi brushing-Chi brusing yourself; Chi brushing with a partnerBuilding the bridgeQigong exercises-Wood qigong; Yin/yang hands; The eagleTai chi form: Postures-Playing with the dragon in the clouds; Calming techniquesFurther techniques and reminders3 Techniques to try any time-Ten dragons running through the forest; Knocking on heaven's gate; The old man and the tide poolGround your energyRespect-Gung fuThe importance of relaxationChi brushing to closeTestimonialsGlossaryResources-References; Further reading (bibliography); Chi for children word seach; Yin/yang spinner; Personal development chart for teacher; Questionnaire for studentsIndex

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