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Arms and Armor
by Byam, Michele
Published: 2011
Publisher: DK Publishing
ISBN: 978-0-7566-7312
Abstract | Contents
Be an eyewitness to awesome and bloody weapons such as swords, knuckledusters, and pistols-and the equipment used to deflect deadly slashes, blows, and bullets. See a ceremonial knife from Sudan. Find out how far a crossbow could fire an arrow. Discover why powder flasks were made of cow horn. Explore the fold-out wall cart and clip-art CD.
Contents Prehistoric weapons Missile weapons The first warriors Greeks and Romans Weapons from barbarian Europe European swords Crossbows and longbows Axes, daggers, and knives Mail and plate armor A suit of armor Helmets Tilting armor An Indian warrior Indian weapons A Japanese samurai Early firearms Flintlock firearms Dueling swords Dueling pistols Attack by highwaymen Bizarre handweapons Grenadiers and cavalry Keeping law and order Pistols Percussion firearms Guns that won the West North American Indians Did you know? Who's who? Find out more Glossary Index

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