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Aikido Techniques Handbook
by Kalkhof, Jerry
Published: 2011
Publisher: Jerry Kalkhof Self-published
ISBN: 1468092189
Abstract | Contents
While studying aikido at varioius aikido schools, I found that many of the techniques would differ from school to school. I created this guide to help illustrate to myself how and why these differences occurred, and to help myself in internalizing my own aikido practice. Often after class I would take time to review the techniques by writing down which techniques were taught during class, and sketching them from memory later. Now I often refer to this guide to review the various techniqes and visualize how to do them before class. I sincerely hope this will help you in your aikido development.
Contents Ikkyo Nikkyo Sankyo Yonkyo Kote gaeshi Shihio nage Irimi nage Miscellaneous throws Defence variatons for standard attacks An analysis of aikido as a defensive system Henka waza-changing technique to deal with resistance Kaeshi waza-countering aikido techniques Futari dori-two opponents attacking General aikido concepts Distance Committed attacks vs. jabs Two hands on one Step off the line Generating power using circular movements Large circles, small circles Balance and getting the uke moving Keeping your hands in front of you-body alignment Clear deliberate movements-minimize steps in your footwork Grabbing Sinking into your base Feeing the technique Trained monkeys versus reacting opponents Conclusion Aikido book cross reference

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