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Aikido In Training : A Manual of Traditional Aikido Practice and Principles
by R. Crane; K. Crane
Published: 1993
Publisher: Cool Rain Productions
ISBN: 0-9636429-5-2
Abstract | Contents
from dust jacket Founded by Ueshiba Morihei, also known as O'Sensei (Great Teacher), Aikido developed as a pure form of Budo (Martial Way), drawing upon aspects of many of the older disciplines of Japan. Unique as a martial art, form its soft, circular, fluid movements to its direct concentrated applications, the techniques of Aikido are such that they can be applied against an attack from a larger, stronger, and more aggressive opponent with great effectiveness. O'Sensei believed deeply that martial arts should not be belligerent in nature. Instead his aikido is known for its ethical and humanistic view and its concept of non-conflict. Aikido in Training is an extensive reference of traditional Aikido practice and principles containing 336 pages with over 1250 photographs depicting technique in a concise step by step manner. The text includes a full chapter on the life of O'Sensei Ueshiba Morihei and the history of the development of Aikido. Richard and Kathy Crane are full time professional Aikido Instructors. Both hold the rank of 5th Dan (fifth degree black belt) and are the Chief and Resident Instructors of Aikido Agatsu Dojos, an organization of six Dojos in Southern New Jersey and the surrounding area. Agatsu Dojos was established and dedicated in 1976 to the proper impartation of the Traditional Aikido practice and principles of O'Sensei Ueshiba Morihei. Aikido In Training is an extension of that commitment. The Cranes sincerely hope that Aikido In Training will be one more step in the direction of preserving O'Sensei's art and spreading the joy of rigorous honest endeavor which is at the heart of the Aiki Way.
Contents Foreword, Introduction Biography: "Founder of Aikido-O'Sensei, Ueshiba Morihei" Principles of Training: "Observations On" Methods of Training Aiki-Shisei: "Postures of Aikido" Tai-no Henko: "Body Changing" Kokyu Ryoku Taiso: "Breath Power-Exercise" Ukemi: "The Art of Receiving" Shikko: "Knee Walking" Kogeki: "Terminology of Attacks" Katame Waza: "Techniques of Immobilization" Tai-Jutsu: "Body Arts" Ikkyu: "First Teaching" Nikyo: "Second Teaching" Sankyo: "Third Teaching" Yonkyo: "Fourth Teaching" Gokyo: "Fifth Teaching" Shiho-nage: "four Direction Throw" Kotegaeshi: "Wrist Turn" Kaiten-nage: Rotary Throw" Koshi-nage: "Hip Throw" Tenchi-nage: "Heaven-Earth Throw" Tai-Jutsu: "Body Arts" Aiki-Otoshi: "Aiki Drop" Sumi-Otoshi: "Corner Drop" Aiki-nage: "Aiki Throw" Juji-garami: "Cross Entwining Technique" Irimi-nage: "Entering Throw" Kokyu-nage: "Breath Throw" Hiji Waza: "Elbow Technique" Ganseki-Otoshi: "Heels Over Head Drop" Men-nage: "Head Throw" Tanto-tori: "Knife Taking" Hanmi-Handachi Waza: "Half-Body Half-Standing Techniques" Suwari Waza: "Seated Techniques" Henka Waza: "Varied Techniques" Kaeshi Waza: "Counter Techniques" Jiyu/Randori Waza: "Free Style/Varied Attack" Buki Waza: "Weapon Techniques" Aiki-Ken: "Aiki Sword" Aiki-Jo: "Aiki Staff" Glossary

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