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Phoenix-Eye Fist: A Shaolin Fighting Art of South China
by Cheong Cheng Leong; Cheng Leong Cheong; Donn F. Draeger
Published: 1997
Publisher: Weatherhill
ISBN: 0-8348-0127-2
Abstract | Contents
For the first time anywhere, Phoenix-Eye Fist provides a complete introduction to the Chuka Shaolin fighting art of South China. This is an independent system within the general Shaolin style of hand-to-hand combat, often called "Chinese temple boxing" or "Chinese karate" in the West. Created in eighteenth-century China, Chuka Shaolin has been handed down only to carefully chosen successors. Cheong Cheng Leong, pictured on the cover and throughout the book, represents the fifth generation of this lineage. Chuka Shaolin is ideal for men and women of all ages Simple basic mechanics make it easy to practice regardless of age, physique, or sex It is a highly effective, easy-to-use method of self-defense It is a superb form of training for both health and overall physical fitness Phoenix-Eye Fist, with well over 600 photographs, presents in clear, step-by-step detail the history of Chuka Shaolin, fundamental techniques, training methods, the complete basic pattern for solo practice, and finally, examples of the art as actually used in self-defense. Just as the Northern style was presented in Shantung Black Tiger (also co-authored by Mr. Draeger), the present book describes the other side of the Shaolin coin, a representative school of the southern style. The authors: Cheong Cheng Leong, as well as being an authorized master-teacher of Chuka Shaolin, is a skilled herbalist and master of traditional Chinese physiotherapy. Donn F. Draeger is a well-known authority on Asian martial arts and the author of many books.
Preface 1 Background Origin of Chuka Shaolin; Chuka Shaolin transplanted to Malaysia; Chuk Ahaolin in Malaysia today 2 Fundamentals Anatomical weapons: Hands-Phoenix-eye fist; Tiger-paw; Spear-hand; Palm-heel; Double-dragon Anatomical weapons: the arms-Inner andouter edges of forearm; Elbow Anatomical weapons: The feet Characteristics of Chuka punching action Stances and postures-Ready position; Horse-riding stance; Hanging-horse stance Body discplacement-Forward horse; dodging horse; Side-body horse Handwork-Bow-drawing; Golden duch; Stealing hand; Aggressive hand; Dodging-horse strike; side-Body-horse strike; Plucking the moon from the sea; Thrust-penetrate-catch-tear hand; Deflecting-striking hand Kicking action-Lightning kick; Heart-penetrating kick; Leg-stopping kick; Deflecting kick 3 Training Chuka Shaolin etiquette-Chuka handsign; Salutations for pattern practice Using the fundamental exercises-The two stances and their postures; The three displacements; The nine handwork exercises; The four kicks; Pattern training; Self-defense training; Traininig habits Toughening the anatomical weapons 4 Kai-san: The basic chuka Shaolin pattern Opening salutation and preparatory postiioning Action groups 1-22 Closing salutatin and final positioning 5 Self-defense applications Defense against a threatened punch to the face Defense agains an uppercut Defense against a surprise roundhouse punch Defense against two kicks Defense against a rouindhouse kick Defense against a hammerlock Defense against multiple assailants Glossary

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