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Sankosho-Official Guide for Jukido and Karate as Sanctioned by the International Kokondo Association
by Arel, Paul
Published: 1989
Publisher: Self-Published
Abstract | Contents
Contents Acknowledgments International Kokondo Association Emblem I.K.A. benefits A bit of Kokondo origin Nostalgia in photos Organization Directors Introduction Jukido vs. Karate Jukido Kokondo karate Philosophy Dojo rules Dojo etiquette Class procedure Training tips Limbering Basics Kuzushi Falling (ukemi) Kiai Kata Bunkai Weapons Meditation tameshi Wari (Breaking) Anatomy Terminology-Jukido Terminology-Karate Terminology-Why Japanese Terminology-General Courtesy Parts of the body (terms) Certification Brown belt Testing Throw requirements Kata, jukido Testing rank requirements-Jukido Testing rank requirements-Karate Karate kata requirements by rank Belt rank comparison Personalities Shiai, Jukido Martial art "Feats" First aid Personal notes

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